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Questions and Answers from the RU Forums – 03.08.2016

More Q&A, translated by Carnotzet.



First series (2 August). Source

1. The current economy (how credits and xp are earned) encourages passive gameplay for BB’s, especially in Ranked battles where passiveness helps to keep a star on a defeat. Are you happy with this situation?

A. No, we are not, it is not an enjoyable situation. We do not like it as well. That is why in the next few updates we plan to rework the economy system by rewarding more teamplay actions.

2. Are there any plans to introduce flags, upgrades or skills that increase radar (duration, distance)?

A. We do not plan to but the idea is interesting. I will send it to my colleagues.

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Interview with RU community Manager Vallter_ – 01.08.2016


Translated by Carnotzet

[Disclaimer: please be reminded that the following information comes from the Russian-speaking community and thus certain information may not apply to other clusters.]

On Saturday Vallter_ was asked what problems he thought the game has. The following thoughts are his own only and may differ from his colleagues’. They also do not define the priorities the team is working on, even though his opinion is taken into account when defining those priorities.

The problems cited below are not listed in any particular order and were written as Vallter_ recalled them.

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EU Q&A – 03.08.2016

Wargaming Community Coordinator Ph3lan has posted the answers to all the questions the different language communites in EU asked Wargaming


  1. Is there any progress at work on clans? When can we expect them and are they still coming? We understand that CWs are still faraway future (unfortunately) but we would appreciate at least clan tags, so players could start to gather together.We are still working on Clans and they should be arriving this year – we are aware of their importance for our audience and for any sort of team-based gameplay. But we can already tell you that the WoWs clans will be separate from the WoT ones.

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Patch will come this week during your regular local update times.

  • Possibility of having 2 aircraft carriers on one team in case of long waiting times has been removed for Tier VIII-X battles
  • Fixed an issue that caused Hull B artillery on Karlsruhe to reload slower than on Hull A. As a result the gun now reloads in 6.5 seconds instead of 8.57
  • Some insignificant server issues fixed
  • Fixed an issue that caused a UI freeze when the personal offer is declined.
  • Increased the smoothness of ship movement after they are detected.
  • As an experiment, some new players will receive a “light” (“slim”) client version during download, which will allow them to start playing before downloading the full version.

Source: WG EU


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NA Q&A – 29.07.2016

Wargaming special weapon Quemapueblos has answered quite a few questions here on Reddit while being absent from stream.


  • No big updates for CVs this year, because Wargaming is trying to squeeze in two major updates which will affect CVs “dramatically”. Those being inclusion of bonuses for teamwork actions like spotting, the second being a more responsive UI. “Our goal is a quickness and responsiveness something similair to a fast paced RTS like starcraft.”
  • After the event where NA could win a Mikasa, there’ll be more events (on NA) this year but no confirmation whether other ships will we given out in those.
  • NA team is considering how to offer Kamikaze R / Fujin, no decision yet.
  • Captain skill system is something the devs want to overhaul in the future. These perks should enable more interesting gameplay and not be a one size fits all gameplay option.
  • No Austro-Hungarian ships in 2016.
  • Quemapueblos hints that there might be another ARP ship coming soon-ish.
  • Armorviewer is scheduled for release in “next patch or two”, unless something unforseen happens.
  • Royal Navy cruisers are still on track to be released this year.
  • No ETA for ranked battles season 5 as of now, but they want some competitive mode back up and running (Team Battles maybe?)
  • No new high tier premium IJN ships scheduled for 2016.
  • German destroyers confirmed as last line to be released (hopefully) this year.
  • Wargaming is working on removing fail divisions with the next patch or two.
  • No splits of shiplines this year (CA/CL or BB/BC).




0.5.9 Skill refund for free … well, sort of.

Warning: So far I only noticed this on the EU Server. If you see this in your (non EU) region, please let us know.


Edit: ASIA got it as well, with pretty much the same explaination to it.

Edit 2: NA gets this event as well.


Wargaming EU Community Coordinator Cynd3r wrote this on the EU forum:


As mentioned before, previously we’d received feedback that a full skill drop for all commanders had caused many players to have to undertake the boring chore of setting up all their commanders correctly again. We did not want to do that, so we took the middle ground with our decision to drop only certain configurations. However, to make it as comfortable for all our players as we can, we’ve decided to additionally run a week-long event with the maximum discount on skill redistribution. At this time we cannot technically make dropping skills free (we’ll probably have to fix that), so we’ll also give everyone who logs into the game in that week a small amount of doubloons. That way, those of you who believe their commanders don’t need Basics of Survivability can choose another skill set.


This means that people will get 100 Dubloons when they log in during that one week event and will be charged 1 Dubloon for a skill reset during that period.