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NA Server gets T8-10 Repair discounts + Saipan got delayed just bit

NA Wargaming Lead Community Manager NyxWGA just announced that starting mid-week next week NA players will enjoy a discout of about 20% in repair cost.

“Hey Captains!

Starting mid-week of next week and running through the end of the month, we’ll be testing a discount on repair costs of high tier ships. All tech tree (non-Premium) ships Tier VIII – X will have their repair costs discounted by approximately 20%. Nope, it’s not an April Fool’s joke – we’re serious!

This test has begun on the RU server, but we wanted to let everyone know that you’ll be included as part of the test as well!

We’ll be looking at the data generated for the month, in order to determine potential changes for the future. We also would love to hear your feedback once you start to actually see the discount in game!

Please remember this is only a test, and we’ll need to analyze a month’s worth of data before we consider any potential permanent changes!

We thought this was a high note to go into the weekend, so we’re letting you know today, rather than next week. Happy Friday!”



Regarding the Saipan, NA Wargaming Community Coordinator NikoPower came forward and informed the community about what is going on with that ship.

“In a short answer, it is coming very soon. It is in the finishing stages of being balanced and ready for your maximum enjoyment. We want to make sure that those who choose to use her will enjoy every minute of battle. It did take a bit longer than expected and for that, we apologize. We definitely don’t want to put the Saipan out there broken. When it is ready, very soon, we will be sure to let you know about it ASAP. ”

He also stresses that in this particular case, the “very soon” indeed is “very soon” as opposed to the usual “very soonâ„¢” 😉

While NikoPower can not yet disclose what or if there are requirements to be able to purchase the ship, he states that “it will be easy for you to get your hands on one.”



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