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Mixed bag WoWs news (Q&A, 0.5.9 ->, info from Lesta)

All if this is only possible thanks to Carnotzet and Babykim, both of them EU Forumits.


Latest Q&A (4 August). Source.

1. Lately, it is not rare to see team compositions such as this:

1-2 CV’s

4-5 BB’s

1-3 CA/CL’s

3-5 DD’s

Are you happy with such differences between classes? Can we expect any buffs to cruisers?

A. Well, this is not entirely the real tendency. However, it is true that BB’s have become more popular lately.

It is also true that certain cruisers need some balance tweaks. Although I cannot share any details, they are planned for the next few updates, that is, after 0.5.10 though.

2. Do you plan to add new alternative branches to already fully released trees, such as different types of IJN DD’s or BBV’s?

A. We have plans for several alternative branches. This way there still will be more diversity for certain nations/classes.

3. Is it true that developers have abandonned the concept of rock-paper-scissors?

A. As I have already written more than once, we have not abandoned the concept, even though it is not 100% followed. If we followed it to the letter, for example, rock would always beat scissors, without compromises. However, in the game, a BB can stand up to a DD, a DD to a cruiser and a cruiser to a BB. Even if it is quite hard. So, when we are talking about this concept, we are not talking about applying it to the letter, but more like which class is at an advantage against another one.



In the minipatch, the German battleships of tiers 8/9/10 got the Hydroacoustic Search (*Mind you that those ships are still in testing, so whether or not they will keep Hydro upon their release is an unknown factor.)


Bismark from Hipper

Friedrich der Große from Hindenburg

Grosser Kurfuerst from Hindenburg


This is obviously not mentioned in the patch notes, since the line is not yet released. Source: http://forum.worldof…цких-лк-в-0591/



On the proliferation of aimbot on the RU server (food for thought)


As you may know, Lesta constantly fights the use of aimbot on the Russian cluster. They fortified the client against unwanted modifications, used server statistics to find the cheaters, etc. They had “public prosecution” by coloring cheaters nicknames in brown, and, of course, bans.


Vallter_ has mentioned that 508 users on the RU server have received a permanent ban for cheating. The Russian community demands the names to be revealed, which Lesta is reluctant to do.


One user sent Vallter_ the list of top 1000 players according to the ProShips ranking, a kind of XVM, asking to reveal how many top players have been banned.


According to Vallter_, of the top 1000 players 39 have been permanently banned, or nearly 4 percent.


Source: http://forum.worldof…-леста/#topmost

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