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Month: June 2016

More info on Patch 0.5.8 (PT) – 28.06.2016

Thanks to Carnotzet for translating and redditor Vaexa for having a long, hard stare at the client.


Some information coming from the 0.5.8 bulletin thread. Source

  • The damage counter will include all damage inflicted (fires and flooding included).
  • Turret catapults (Wyoming, New York, etc.) are not ready yet, hence why they aren’t in this patch.

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World of Warships – 0.5.8 Preview: Bastion Mode and Matchmaker Improvement! (Asia Server)

Like all preview content, what’s represented here is subject to change prior to release. Want to affect the outcome? Join the Public Test and supply us with your feedback!

Bastion Mode

To bring additional diversity to high-Tier battles, we’re introducing a new experimental mode called ‘Bastion’ in version 0.5.8. Currently, it is only available on the map “The Atlantic”. The main feature of this mode is its onshore installations, designed to give fire and reconnaissance support to the team that captured them. There are two types of such installations in the game:

  • Forts, which are fortifications armed with an array of large-calibre main guns and an air defence battery. It’s a powerful force, even with minimal support from allied ships
  • Surveillance stations, which are fortifications that provide their team and forts with additional ways of detecting enemy ships

On-shore installations can be captured or temporarily neutralised by main battery gunfire or bombs dropped by aircraft. These actions reduce the real effectiveness of the enemy team and earn advantage points similar to the Domination mode that players are already familiar with. To win, a team should be the first to earn 1,000 points by suppressing and capturing enemy fortifications and destroying their ships.

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Questions and answers from the Polish forum – 26.06.2016

The Polish community has had a Q&A thread for a short while now, where player can ask questions and most of the time, Wargaming Community Coordinator voulezvous answers them as best as he can. Ev1n, Global Producer of World of Warships, jumped into the fray and answered a few more question (and thereby risking what is left of his sanity). Many thanks to Thorontir who translated the interesting bits into English.


Q: Do you intend to award tier I premium ships as rewards?
A: From our point of view, the tier I premium ships do not make sense. Mainly because we don’t want experienced players to stick around those tiers.

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More info from the RU Server – 25.06.2016

Thanks to Babykim for this one:

Some news from the getfun digest:
Source: Youtube
1. New port has been unpacked from the 0.5.7 client. A map (top view) of the port can be seen at 0.49.
2. The USS Flint characteristics have been unpacked from the 0.5.7 client. She has two turrets less than USS Atlanta. But even better AA at the close range (slightly worse at the long range). The reason being the higher caliber of the Bofors 40mm guns installed on the USS Flint. Most importantly, the USS Flint has better torpedoes (Mahan torpedoes) and smoke.
3. On 22.06 there was a very short-lived announcement (on a Spanish forum, ours?) of a new game mode with forts (bastion) in the public test of 0.5.8. A similar message shortly appeared on the Russian forum. Both were deleted as soon as possible. SubOctavian told the community to chill and wait for the announcement of the public test, without denying the statement.

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Questions and answers from the RU Forum – 23.06.2016

Thanks again to Carnotzet!


Latest Q&A with very few interesting news in it, so it’s a short one. Source


1. Me and a BB were fighting a DD up close and my secondary guns hit the friendly BB, which caused me to turn pink. Do you plan to fix this issue ?

A. We consider these situations unjust as well. Thus, it is likely we will remove friendly fire from secondaries altogether in 0.5.9 or 0.5.10.

2. I have a question regarding the latest changes to detection and SA. According to official info and to the circles on the minimap, the penalty appears and disappears immediately if at that moment nobody spotted you. But people noticed there is a certain delay. If, as a DD, I fire at a cruiser, get spotted (SA icon appearing) and within a second hide behind an island, the penalty disappears. On the other hand, If I remained spotted slightly longer, the penalty wouldn’t disappear. Is it a bug or a feature ?

A. In the current spotting system, you remain visible 3 seconds after you have left the line of sights of all enemies. In 0.5.8, SA will take this in consideration. In 0.5.9, we plan to get rid of this delay, along with adding improvements to the way smoke screen work.

3. Please explain how fighter squadrons ammo (loadout in game), dps and ammo consumption are linked together ?

A. The loadout value is in fact indicated by how many seconds the squadron can fight before running out of ammo. Strafing consumes ammo faster (generally, two strafes completely deplete ammo). The loadout varies for each aircraft.

4. Why don’t CV’s have special perks like other classes do (defensive fire, smoke, etc.) ? And the defensive fire consumable you gave them doesn’t really count, or did you add it for this specific reason ?

A. CV’s have a unique gameplay. It doesn’t mean we will not make any changes to it, including adding a special perk.

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Questions and answers from the RU Forum – 22.06.2015

More stuff from our ever reliable WG EU Community Contributor Carnotzet




1a. “XVM”-like mods are often encountered. I thought developers didn’t want them in the game. Did something change ?

A. Nothing. Currently, we don’t see the need to not allow it to be used. If you don’t like what this mod does, you always have the possibility to hide your stats. It should help.

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RU Server – Higher discount on Repair cost T7 – T10

Found and translated by Carnotzet


JamesWhite (Wargaming Community Manager RU) also said in a radio programme on Wargaming FM that they will increase the reduction on repair costs until the end of July on the Russian cluster. Tier 7-9 ships repair costs will be reduced by 25% and for tier 10 ships, it will be 40%. They are doing this so that even players with standard accounts can play at those tiers and earn some credits even if they aren’t the most skilled players.

So far, the experiment (reduced repair costs) has been positive and they saw a 11-12% increase in players playing at high tier. All in all, the experiment was successful and that is why they are expanding it to other tiers and increasing the reduction.

He also gave some statistics about the current season of ranked battles. Across all regions, 193k players have so far taken part in the new season, from which 97k are on the Russian server. At the time of the programme (19 June), Russian players were the first ones to reach rank 1 (157 players) whereas only one player reached rank 1 on the NA server. On the Asia sever, 28 players reached rank 5 (best rank reached at that time), and on the EU server (which started slightly later), 4 players reached rank 4.

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