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Month: April 2016

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – Let’s move deeper into the Gothic sector

Tindalos Entertainment just told the community about their plans for the future of the game


Spoiler: TAU INCOMING!!!111


Greeting Admirals,

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada released one week ago, and its success was beyond our most optimistic expectations. We planned an original development budget based on expected revenues, but these revenues have been largely overtaken. Because of this, we’ve been working with our publisher Focus Home Interactive to plan several major additions to our game, to offer you the best possible experience as well as exceptional content. This new content will require a future development plan that will keep the Tindalos teams busy for all of 2016.

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Q&A from the Russian Forums – 29.04.2016

Thanks again to Carnotzet.


1. Since the nerf to 25mm AA guns, IJN BB’s have a hard time shooting down planes. Is there a chance you will change this situation?

A. We plan to improve AA on several IJN BB’s. They won’t be as effective as their US counterparts at shooting down planes, but they will stand a better chance than today.

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New Aslain’s WoWS ModPack – Version (28.04.2016)

v5.5.0.00 (28-04-2016):
– initial version for WoWs
– updated Unique camo for all ships (by Mebius_LW)
– updated Yet another zoom-out mod (by IKU19)
– updated Disable battle chat (rework by Aslain)
– removed many broken mods [list is too long]
– greyed out mods are disabled for the similar reason like above
– WG added few crosshair mods to the game, find them in the game settings


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