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Month: February 2016

News Aslain’s WoWS ModPack Installer

News Aslain’s WoWs ModPack Installer – v5.3.1.05 (29.02.2016)

v5.3.1.05 (29-02-2016):

– reworked the minimap section
– removed dmg meter from the minimap by kvalme
– moved damage meter to the various mods section
– moved RKI editor to the various mods section
– added Base Capture counter mod
– added Over target torpedo & gun markers
– added Torpedoes reload counter over guns
– added Display damage done in battle results screen
– added Minimap by monstrofil
– added Colored Kill Messages with ship name
– updated semi-transparent minimap (by Pturbo)

You can download it here: Server 1 and Server 2

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Q&A from RU forum 29 Feb 2016

Another short Q&A, translated from Russian to English by EU Forumite Carnotzet. Source post to be found here:


Q. Given the same caliber, are faster torpedoes spotted at a longer range than slower ones?

A. If you’re talking about “Torpedo acceleration” skill, it doesn’t affect spotting range. If you’re talking about torpedoes in general, spotting range is currently affected by caliber and base speed. That means that, given the same caliber, faster torpedoes will be spotted earlier.


Q. CV’s have three different setups : strike, universal, and air superiority. And whereas the first two are often used and liked by players, the third one, air superiority, is only used in some particular cases, and often not willingly.

Are developers interested in things such as what percentage of players play with each setup? If so, are there any statistics about it? And if one setup is less used than the others, are developers satisfied of such situation?

A. Yes, we have statistics about what setup is used by how many people. Of course, we observe regular discrepancies in setup popularity, which is on top of that different for each CV. Our goal is not to make every setup on every ship have the same popularity, and even if it was, it’d be difficult to achieve. We are rather pleased with the current situation.


Q. Do you plan to have the music change while in port, in particular in the premium port? With a premium account, there’s one theme for all 6 ports, and without, there are some 3 themes. I’m fed up listening to the same track over and over again.

A. Perhaps, but it’s more likely that we’ll make it possible through mods (when we’ll allow to mod game music).



  1.  What is the detection range penalty when AA is firing? Does is change with the nation and tier of the DD? (not interested by CA/CL’s and BB’s)
  2.  Will it be possible to counter radars, like it was done with BB’s? [I don’t know what the BB bit is about]
  3.  Will you give a free reset for certain captain skills, in particular Torpedo acceleration (due to the introduction of radars)?
  4.  Why does Farragut have a longer firing range than Mahan. After all, the range finder on Mahan is higher than on Farragut.


  1.  Detection range penalty for AA fire is determined for each ship. We did it for balancing reasons.
  2.  There won’t be any direct counter. We believe it won’t be necessary.
  3.  There won’t be any free reset when we release a new ship line or radars, we have no reasons to do it.
  4.  According to ships characteristics, Mahan range finder sits at 11.6 m and Farragut, 15 m.


Q. Would you consider increasing Lo Yang’s torpedo speed by 2-3 kn (for the 9km ones), they have the lowest damage among the DD’s of her tier?

A. Their damage is a bit lower than Benson’s. But she’s primarily a gunboat, and her average damage is fine. And you can mount HAS on her so a buff to this already formidable ship is not needed.


Q. When will you merge doubloons with the currency of other WG titles?

A. We’re working on it but I can’t give any specific date yet.

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WOWS x ARPEGGIO Collaboration Stage II: Sneak Peek


Get your trigger finger ready! The World of Warships x “ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA-“ Collaboration will shortly enter its second stage!

In the second part of our grand collaboration, we will introduce an all-new Fleet of Fog Battleship, Kirishima, along with a new Captain…

Make way for main heroine of ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA-, the Mental Model of I-401: Iona! She can be assigned as Captain of any of your ARPEGGIO ships!

In addition, torpedos in ARPEGGIO mode will will get a visual overhaul.  Usual torpedo explosions will be replaced with the special Corrosive Torpedo effect, as seen in the anime series.

Keep your eyes open for more updates on the World of Warships official portal!


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The Chieftain’s Hatch: T40/M46 (NA)

As it is well known, the M26 Pershing was not an unqualified success. By the end of WW2, deficiencies in the vehicles, many of which were already known even at the time of fielding, became reinforced. Thus, a general improvement program was started, the T40 which ultimately would become M46. It turned out that improving a tank isn’t always all that easy…

The program for T40 really kicked off in the first half of 1948, as a series of conferences between Army Field Forces and Ordnance Dept culminated in a number of changes, particularly to the power train, but also notably weapon and suspension, in what would become the M46. As an improvement of an extant design, tests of the ten T40s were relatively brief. In fact, M46 was standardised by the Ordnance Committee in July 1949, the month before the first T40 showed up at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds!


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