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New World of Warships Q&A September 5

The Q&A by Sub_Octavian dated September 5

Source: http://forum.worldof…st__160#topmost

Below is a first summary, subject to possible (small) corrections.


Q: Several patches ago, the Hatsuharu and the Kagero got Torpedo Reload Booster consumable instead of Smoke, whereas the Yubari and the Iwaki Alpha go the Aiming System Modification 0. Do you plan adding new and unique consumables and upgrades?

A: Yes, but do not expect each new premium ship to have new and unique options.

Q: Rumors say that the Kitakami might never come back.

A: We currently do not any plans for this ship.

Q: Did armor penetration of the Tirpitz guns have changed with the introduction of the German battleships.

A: Yes. The armor penetration of the 380 mm L/4.6HE shell has been increased from 64 to 95mm.

Q: Ramming damage is the same no matter if you collide head-on or scrape the enemy.

A: We have greatly simplified damage model for ramming because ramming is a rare event, and because it is quite difficult to implement a detailed damage model. Currently, the damage model only accounts for the speeds and the hit points of the ships.

Q: Do you plan to limit the number of torpedoes carried by the destroyers.

A: No.

Q: What does the queue length on the loading screen of a game tell you?

A: It tells you the number of players in the queue that have tiers comparable to yours. For example, you have a tier 10 ship, then it is the number of players with tier 8,9,10 ships in the queue.

Q:  In this game, you are trying to balance things which cannot be balanced from a logical and a historical point of view. For example, a destroyer should be able to fight battleships, which is absurd. Hence, the torpedo soups and the HE spam. Would it not be better to get rid of destroyers at higher tiers by replacing them with light cruisers.

A: No. We want all types of ships present at all tiers bar tier 1-3, and for all types to be competitive. Therefore we make concessions in realism in favor of gameplay and balance.

Q: Do you plan changes to the economy?

A: Yes. For example, we plan awarding credits for spotting and tanking damage.

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Prepare for Ranked Battles Season 5!


The next season of ranked battles will be upon us soontm! We have some preliminary information for you to get yourselves, your ships and your captains ready for the new season!


Single tier leagues:

  • To make all matches entirely fair in regards to the ship tier, every rank will have only one ship tier allowed!

Safe ranks:

  • Safe ranks have been slightly increased (up to rank 16)


  • Up to rank 16: Tier VI
  • Rank 15 – rank 1: Tier VIII



  • Early October (stay tuned on the portal for an exact date)
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World of Warships Edition – gamescom 2016 Q&A

We have gathered as many of your questions as possible and had our development team look at them. Answers inbound!

All questions have been answered by Philip Molodkovets: supertest manager from Saint Petersburg, Russia. If you want to fill your boots with more World of Warships intel then make sure to check out an interview with Global Publishing Producer of World of Warships, Artur Plociennik, that’s taking place at gamescom!

Continue reading World of Warships Edition – gamescom 2016 Q&A

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World of Warships – Update 0.5.10

0.5.10 Update Notes

The update happens August 17; preparation begins at 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 05:00 PT/ 08:00 ET.

German Battleships

There’s a new line of German battleships stretching from tier III to tier X, including Nassau, Kaiser, König, Bayern, Gneisenau, Bismarck, Friedrich Der Groβe, and Groβer Kurfürst. Perfect for players that love close-quarters combat. Here’s what makes them distinctive:

  • Inclined armored decks that make it harder to hit their citadels at close range
  • Efficient secondary armaments
  • Main guns feature a high rate of fire and quick turret traverse
  • Plenty of hit points
  • Well-protected hull sides thanks to generous armor

Audio Improvements

  • Improved sounds for bomb explosions and fires
  • Reworked sounds for the Surveillance Radar and “Hydroacoustic Search” consumables
  • Improved ambient sounds for the “Ocean” Port
  • Improved logic for playing enemy detection messages while in the Binocular View
  • Enhanced and reworked distant sounds

Maps and Locations

  • Improved the appearance of the “Zipangu” Port
  • Removed waterfalls on the “Estuary” map
  • Rebalanced geometry of the upper area of the “Neighbors” map
  • Moved the decorative air field on “The Atlantic” map
  • Improved the appearance of “Fault Line” and “Two Brothers” maps

Improvements for Novice Players

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the experience for new players, we made the following changes for all tier I ships:

  • Only one shell type: practice shell. Its properties are the same as HE shells
  • Removed researchable main battery modules and added researchable Gun Fire Control System modules
  • Decreased scaling amount of HP and shell damage by 50% for ships


In an effort to improve team balance, players in a Division will only be able to enter battle in ships within one divison of each other. For example, a division of two players in a tier V Kirov and tier VI Fuso would be able to enter battle, but if the Fuso player chose a tier VII Nagato instead, the Division is blocked from entering battle.

Permanent Camouflage

Added permanent camo options for Bismarck, NorthCarolina, Benson, and Chapayev:

  • Cost: 3,000 Doubloons
  • -3% to detection range; +4% to maximum dispersion of shells at ship with camouflage
  • -5% to the cost of the ship’s post-battle repair; +50% to XP earned in the battle

Secondary Battery Mechanics

Secondary guns will no longer cause damage to allied ships.

Colorblind Mode

This adapts the color palette for colorblind players. To enable, select the option via the Settings screen. There are three options for corresponding syndromes:

  • Deuteranopia (green blindness)
  • Protanopia (red blindness)
  • Tritanopia (blue blindness)

The intensity of effects can be customized.

Shell Normalization

Shell normalization is the number of degrees by which an armor piercing shell “turns” upon contact with armor in an attempt to reach the most advantageous angle for penetration (often 90 degrees). Before, this parameter was set up individually for each shell type depending on ballistic and other properties. However, this approach turned out to be not entirely correct within the gameplay process and added more vague aspects to the way the damage model works. Starting with this update, the normalization will be set up uniformly for all armor piercing shell types and will depend only on the shell caliber:

  • Up to and including 139mm—10 degrees
  • 140 to 152mm—8.5 degrees
  • 153 to 240mm—7 degrees
  • 241mm and more—6 degrees.

The change is in a systematic manner and will slightly increase the predictability of armor penetration for players. It is not aimed at changing the efficiency of individual ships and will not have any significant impact on gameplay.


We made the following adjustments to cyclone parameters to increase predictability of its conditions:

Update 0.5.9 Update 0.5.10
Cyclone Start Time Randomly begins 4-10 minutes into battle Begins seven minutes after battle starts
Cyclone Duration Lasts 4-10 minutes Lasts 5-7 minutes

The overall chance of a cyclone when playing in a battle of the appropriate tier remains unchanged (10%)

Interface Improvements

  • Added detailed information about ships player destroyed in battle, including ship type and method of destruction
  • Added the “Introductory Mission” and “Service Record” banner in Port for novice players
  • Improved the display of later-tier ships in the tech tree of the “Modules” screen
  • Increased the font size of the ships types in the “Tech Tree” tab
  • Increased the size and revised the design of icons appearing above the target when modules are damaged, making it easier to distinguish between incapacitated from destroyed modules
  • Increased visibility of “Update” button (for replacing Daily Mission with a new random Daily Mission)
  • Added a placeholder for the in-game browser that will be displayed if YouTube cannot be accessed
  • Improved Actions, Events and Challenges UI elements

Added additional information to post-battle screen, including:

  • Damage and number of fires caused to enemies spotted by the player
  • Potential maximum damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that hit the player’s ship (with or without causing damage to her)
  • Potential damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that were fired/launched by the enemy at the player’s ship but did not hit her
  • Number of enemy ships, squadrons and torpedoes spotted by the player
  • Capture points and defense points earned

Added additional information the player’s Profile screen, including:

  • Statistics for individual ships
  • Total damage allies caused to enemies spotted by the player
  • Highest damage allies caused to enemies spotted by the player in a single battle
  • Average damage allies caused to enemies spotted by the player
  • Total number of enemy ships spotted by the player
  • Highest number of ships spotted by the player in a single battle
  • Average number of ships spotted per battle
  • Participation in capturing and defending key areas calculated as a percentage ratio (ratio of the points earned by the player to the points earned by the rest of their team)
  • Total potential damage
  • Highest potential damage received per battle
  • Average potential damage received per battle

Interface Optimization

We optimized the following actions that players can carry out via the game interface:

  • Display of statistical data by pressing the “Tab” key during battle
  • Expanding ship performance characteristics panel in the Port
  • Display of the post-battle statistics screen after the end of a battle

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Fixed catapult display for Chapayev
  • Fixed some effects for the Arpeggio ships
  • Fixed the navigation light and radar models for NorthCarolina
  • Fixed shadow caused by radar stanchion for Texas
  • Fixed visualization errors and missing objects for DmitriDonskoi
  • Fixed dynamic rendering of shadows for Wakatake
  • Fixed visual artifacts for Colorado
  • Improved main turret models for the Königsberg
  • Fixed radar finder for Furutaka
  • Fixed decorative objects and rigging for Marblehead
  • Fixed decorative objects at low graphics settings for NewOrleans, Ibuki, Königsberg, Shokaku, Tashkent,Shchors, and Moskva
  • Fixed antennas for Svietlana
  • Fixed ropes and ladder objects for Bogatyr
  • Fixed radar model for Kirov
  • Added animation of Redut-K radar antenna for Molotov
  • Fixed shadow cast by range finder for AdmiralHipper
  • Fixed life boar positioning for Nagato
  • Introduced multicluster system in order to increase game stability and decrease server maintenance downtime
  • Compressed files for  “Two Brothers” and “Fault Line” maps, plus flags and camouflage to optimize the size of the game client
  • Increased draught by 0.7m for Warspite (she now sits lower in the water)
  • Added new director model for Tashkent
  • Fixed bug with the “Penetration ribbon being displayed when a shell hit torpedo production but did not penetrate
  • Fixed incorrect description for Saipan
  • Fixed bug where the game client sometimes abnormally terminated when tracking an ally in the Spectator Mode
  • Fixed error where long user names were incorrectly displayed in pop-up hints in the post-battle statistics screen
  • Added a new start screen
  • Fixed lighting issue for islands
  • Fixed incorrect display of coat of arms under certain graphics settings for Błyskawica
  • Fixed bug where the Add to Contacts icon was displayed next to a player’s own user name

Discuss this Update on Our Forums!


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Thank you all and good hunting

It has been quiet on for the last few days. To make a long story short, I will discontinue to write here. Things happened out there which require a lot of attention and although I do enjoy posting stuff here, I simply can not run this blog alongside all the other stuff I do and need to do. The quality and number of postings would suffer greatly and I’d rather have “something quality” than just post “something”.


That said, I thank each and every reader who came here and hope that you did find the information and quality you were looking for.


See you ingame

/Takru, EU


World of Warships – Russian Q&A (10/08/16)

Carnotzet has translated yet another Q&A, and while it’s still short, it’s got one very interesting and thorough answer about battleship balance. Enjoy!

1. My question concerns the latest collection of data regarding spotting and tanking. More particularly tanking. Is it possible, technically speaking, to monitor conditions where a player is tanking? In other words, do evading volleys at the border of the map and maneuvering between four battleships have different weights that come into the calculation of tanking? If so, will they be rewarded differently?

A. At the moment, it is not possible, but, according to our data, players who are more active during battles receive more tanking rewards. If, in the future, we see an urgent need to do so, we will add logging conditions.

2. It’s no secret that a large part of the community is waiting for clans (in one form or another).

We know that it’s being worked on, etc., etc. and that it will be released someday.

So I wanted to know what department is assigned to this work and what parallel work (maybe more important tasks than clan functionality) they are assigned to?

A. It is in the hands of the team that is in charge of what we call the metagame (economy, ranked battles, team battles, etc.), together with colleagues from Minsk who are working on clans and the global map in general. We plan to present their work to the players before the end of the year. We will try really hard to.

3. Where is the long-due armour visualisation feature?

A. It is nearly ready. We will make some final changes and will try to release it in one of the next few updates. If you recall, we promised we would release it in 2016. There is still time until then.

4. Not so long ago, you explained that developers are happy with how fire mechanics are working. One of the arguments presented was that cruisers need to have a chance against battleships. I concur but my question is not about that.

If we take into account the fact that cruisers need to have a fighting chance against battleships, then what about battleships who get burnt to the ground by invis-fire?

If you want, we can discount firing from smoke. Even then, what can a battleship player do when a cruiser fires on him from stealth? Since he cannot catch him, he doesn’t stand a chance.

A. The situation you described is indeed possible, especially in 1v1 duels. On the other hand, a battleship can also remove more than half the HP’s of a cruiser in one salvo.

Currently, we do not think invis-fire is harmful since it requires a very specific build (which makes the ship weaker in other areas) and cannot be used very often in battle when there are many players.

Regarding fires mechanics, since you asked, I will answer the question in details; I know there are many players interested in this matter that believe fires are more deadly than what they actually are. This is often the case with battleships captains. As an example, let us take tier 8-10 battleships, since it is a widely discussed topic.

1. Battleships popularity in general

The statistics regarding the RU-cluster from January to July show that battleships popularity is stable and even slightly increased. If we take all standard battles played on the cluster during that period, battleships representation increased from 32.9 to 35.1%. Thus, they make up slightly more than a third of all ships. There is no reason not to expect a slight increase in popularity with the release of the German battleships, or, more accurately, there is no reason to expect a decrease at least.

2. Battleship damage distribution (damage received)

During the last 30 days, battleships largest source of damage received comes from AP shells (42% – 45.6%), torpedoes plus flooding (19.9% – 20.2%). HE shells account for 16.8% – 17.8% and fires, 14.5% – 17.6%. Also remember that citadel damage can be healed by 10% (that is of course damage from AP shells and torpedoes direct damage), damage to the superstructure, stern and bow by 50% (here we can also add damage from HE shells and bombs), and damage from fires and flooding can be fully healed. That is why a badly damaged battleship can withdraw from battle to heal up and come with as much as half of his HP back.

3. Combat effectiveness

Regarding the potential for dealing damage, battleships do not disappoint, combining the roles of damage dealers and tanks. Their concurrents are carriers and in about every category, there is a tough fight going on between these two classes regarding who is the best.

Destroyers and cruisers, which, according to some players, burn the poor battleships and flood them under waves of torpedoes cannot even dream of dealing that much damage. Moreover, according to those same players, battleships are easy food for these classes since they have a lot of HP on which to feed.

Regarding winrate, battleships are about the same as other classes.

Their AA is normal (only cruisers are above them because of their barrage ability).

Survivability (% of battles in which a ship has survived until the end) for battleships is considerably higher than for cruisers or destroyers.

4. A very brief summary

Battleships are played. Battleships survive. Battleships inflict damage. Battleships are a good and useful class. If we were to buff them, by increasing their survivability (especially against fires and HE shells), they would be overpowered. Our game would become World of Battleships. And that is bad. 35.1% popularity, we can live with that. But it is bordering on being too much.

So, if we were to follow players’ suggestions, we would have to nerf them in another way. If they had a better survivability, we would have to nerf their damage for example, and according to our experience, such change would not be well received by players.

That is why we do not plan to make any considerable changes to battleship balance or to fire mechanics.

5. I once asked if you thought that Moskva was performing too well. You said no.

Win rate
Avg. frags
Avg. damage
Avg. experience
Avg. planes destroyed
Kills / deaths
Moskva U.S.S.R. 22 769 57.45 % 1.09 80 173 1 845 4.98 2.83
Zao Japan 81 408 56.48 % 1.14 80 057 1 980 4.19 2.86
Hindenburg Germany 29 639 55.55 % 1.02 70 253 1 908 5.98 2.29
Des Moines U.S.A. 46 225 54.36 % 1.08 65 496 2 072 7.05 2.05

I also asked the same question about Khabarovsk.

Win rate
Avg. frags
Avg. damage
Avg. experience
Avg. planes destroyed
Kills / deaths
Khabarovsk U.S.S.R. 28 141 58.91 % 1.07 58 529 1 868 1.26 2.22
Shimakaze Japan 92 548 52.40 % 0.96 50 122 1 670 0.30 1.92
Gearing U.S.A. 30 020 55.26 % 1.07 48 752 1 985 1.31 1.83

So, here’s my question. You plan to nerf Zao, but you don’t see any problems with the overperforming Moskva.

Even Yamato cannot pen its bow.

Please tell me, is it a coincidence that a nation with such a mediocre fleet, of which half the branch is paper ships perform so well?

A. Cruiser Moskva and destroyer Khabarovsk have one characteristic in common: they are nearly ideal to fight against their pairs. On the other hand, they also share a common disadvantage: a high detection range. It is easier to avoid 1v1 duel with them than it is with other ships. And firing on them is the same as with other ships. Moskva is easily (and more importantly, more constantly) damaged by battleships and Khabarovsk, by cruisers.

We can say that these ships have a very distinctive role and a very distinctive disadvantage. They are bullies, who can give their pairs hell but who can be easily taken down by the “adults” (by the class above).

In the current gameplay, we do not see the necessity to nerf their characteristics. Improve their concurrents, that is entirely possible.

Sources: EU Forums Info thread, RU Forums Dev Answer thread, The Fleet Review

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Mixed bag WoWs news (Q&A, 0.5.9 ->, info from Lesta)

All if this is only possible thanks to Carnotzet and Babykim, both of them EU Forumits.


Latest Q&A (4 August). Source.

1. Lately, it is not rare to see team compositions such as this:

1-2 CV’s

4-5 BB’s

1-3 CA/CL’s

3-5 DD’s

Are you happy with such differences between classes? Can we expect any buffs to cruisers?

A. Well, this is not entirely the real tendency. However, it is true that BB’s have become more popular lately.

It is also true that certain cruisers need some balance tweaks. Although I cannot share any details, they are planned for the next few updates, that is, after 0.5.10 though.

2. Do you plan to add new alternative branches to already fully released trees, such as different types of IJN DD’s or BBV’s?

A. We have plans for several alternative branches. This way there still will be more diversity for certain nations/classes.

3. Is it true that developers have abandonned the concept of rock-paper-scissors?

A. As I have already written more than once, we have not abandoned the concept, even though it is not 100% followed. If we followed it to the letter, for example, rock would always beat scissors, without compromises. However, in the game, a BB can stand up to a DD, a DD to a cruiser and a cruiser to a BB. Even if it is quite hard. So, when we are talking about this concept, we are not talking about applying it to the letter, but more like which class is at an advantage against another one.



In the minipatch, the German battleships of tiers 8/9/10 got the Hydroacoustic Search (*Mind you that those ships are still in testing, so whether or not they will keep Hydro upon their release is an unknown factor.)


Bismark from Hipper

Friedrich der Große from Hindenburg

Grosser Kurfuerst from Hindenburg


This is obviously not mentioned in the patch notes, since the line is not yet released. Source: http://forum.worldof…цких-лк-в-0591/



On the proliferation of aimbot on the RU server (food for thought)


As you may know, Lesta constantly fights the use of aimbot on the Russian cluster. They fortified the client against unwanted modifications, used server statistics to find the cheaters, etc. They had “public prosecution” by coloring cheaters nicknames in brown, and, of course, bans.


Vallter_ has mentioned that 508 users on the RU server have received a permanent ban for cheating. The Russian community demands the names to be revealed, which Lesta is reluctant to do.


One user sent Vallter_ the list of top 1000 players according to the ProShips ranking, a kind of XVM, asking to reveal how many top players have been banned.


According to Vallter_, of the top 1000 players 39 have been permanently banned, or nearly 4 percent.


Source: http://forum.worldof…-леста/#topmost

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